Summer Classes

DX Summer

Technique Classes!

Class #1 (6:00–6:45PM)

Stretch & Strength & Flexibility

This class is a must for every serious dancer. Dancers will engage in isolated stretches to further develop balance & improve flexibility. Exercises to increase core, back, outer & inner thigh muscles will be heavily focused upon. All levels are welcome, but most importantly a positive attitude and a willingness to work hard is required.

Class #2 (6:45–7:30PM)

Advanced Turns, Leaps & Progressions

This class focuese on the dancer's sense of rhythm in movement combining exercises with slow movements and quick traveling sequences. Combinations will build stamina, strength, balance, and quality movememnt. Levels will be incorporated into the class, challenging all dancers.

Classes Meet Each Tuesday Evening, June 4 – Aug. 20


Full Summer Pricing

One Class: $115.00*
Both Classes: $200.00*
*Plus $10.00 Registration Fee
(waived if returned by May 1).

Drop–In Rate

One Class: $13.00/day
Both Classes: $20.00/day
Note: no Registration Fee for drop–ins.